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Revenant - The Band

 Formerly The Rhythm, we are now Revenant! Revenant is the brainchild of drummer/singer 
and writer, Steve Pavey. Steve spent a long time trying to find just the right band to work with.
After years of work, he's assembled his dream band. 

What makes Revenant the best choice for you? Versatility that ranges from Eric Clapton to
Joe Cocker, Rolling Stones to The Band, as well as The Beatles, Kinks, CCR, Stevie Ray
Vaughan,  James Taylor and even the late, great Johnny Cash.  We also play Lacuna Coil, The
Pretenders and other great artists. We know how to keep people dancing!

What can you expect from Revenant? We have an emphasis on great vocals. Our 3 and 4
part harmonies set the tone for performances, showing audiences that they are about to
hear something special. We can give a client a musical experience that ranges from 
Mountain to Motown!

Revenant is on it's way to becoming one of the premier party bands in the area. For booking 
information, please contact Steve at 720-771-8729 or email steve@denverrevenantband.com 



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My nephew's songS!

Talent seems to run in the family! Both my daughters play flute and my son plays trumpet. Kwyn, my youngest daughter is a talented writer and is terrific at multimedia. My nephew Brian is a talented singer-songwriter, and my niece Bree Pavey is a talented actress/writer/producer/director! Ahhhh, life is GOOD!

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Rhythm Notes

The core of Revenant 

I've had this website for over a decade now, and it's been busy! I've ran a trio, a 10 piece horn band and also quartets, quintets and sextets.

Revenant's members that I'm currently working with are some of the coolest and the most talented people I have ever worked with. Dave Able moved up here from Arizona, and spent a lot of time and helped with the heavy lifting to get to this point. He's left the group to move back to Arizona and I'll miss him. He is a very talented singer, guitarist, bassist  and also he plays a mean mandolin.

He also had some great stories about the seminal days in Canada when he was just  getting started in music, and he was rubbing shoulders with the guys that went on to back up Bob Dylan(The Band), and David Clayton Thomas before he was tapped to be Al Kooper's replacement in Blood Sweat And Tears!

Let me introduce you to the core of a great band, that's been 4 years in assembling! Tany Heart is our female lead and harmony singer. She also plays some guitar and percussion, and her voice....WOW! I am so happy to have her in
 the band. She's not only an amazing  singer, she's a great person who doesn't bring the usual drama queen attitude to the band.

Floyd and Michael are on guitars and vocals, Mark is on bass, and rounding out the band is Joe Bruder on keys and vocals.With me on drums and vocals, we have a band that offers up Good Playin' and Good Singin', as Grand Funk once said. This is gonna be FUN!


From The Rhythm Junkies to The Rhythm Nation! 

 I started this website many years ago now as a way to promote
my new trio, as well as the activities of other groups I was friends
with such as Nightwolf. The trio ran it's course and I went on to
put together a 10 piece horn band.

The horn band was a lot of fun and a lot of work. It crashed and
burned after a year under the egos of so many extremely talented
people. The same day it disbanded, I put together The Rhythm
Junkies with Curtis and Vincent. Vincent left and was then replaced 
by a great keyboard player, Tracy Stokes. Due to the usual creative
tensions, I ended up leaving the band but they continue to be a force
of nature!

The new band is going to be even better than the Junkies! With even
better vocals and even more variety, we are gonna kick major butt!