Debbie Vicari

In Memory Of Debbie

It is with great shock and sadness that
I learned of the death of my beloved
friend. collaborator and business
associate, Debbie Vicari. Debbie was
a great singer and a wonderful friend.
Just before moving to LA, she spent
the entire night writing songs with me
from 4PM until 6AM the next morning!
It was one of the most incredible and 
wonderful memories that I have about
Debbie - the sheer joy of creating
songs from nothing.

She was very special to me and it's
hard to believe that she is gone. 
Heaven has a new singer in it's choir,
but my heart is broken. I love you,
Deb. I'll never forget the tears and
laughter that we shared.
For Debbie, singing was as natural as breathing.
We met when she answered an ad that I had put
online. After a long and wonderful conversation
on the phone,we arranged to meet at a karaoke
bar that evening. Unlike a lot of professionals,
Debbie LOVED karaoke! it was obvious from her 
first note that we were seeing something
special. Her voice was sublime and her stage
presence was compelling. I never saw Deb just
phone a performance in. She was an incredible
talent, and an incredible person.
I miss her a lot.

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