Revenant is proud to welcome Barb and Tom to the band! Barb plays bass and provides vocals as well, and Tom plays guitar as well as sings. 

Drums and vocals

Steve Pavey started playing drums when he was knee high to a Beatle! 
He grew up in Indiana down the road a piece from Seymour, John 
Mellencamp's home town. With 11 aunts and uncles, he was exposed
to a wide variety of music at a young age and has loved playing that
wide variety of styles ever since.

After playing in local groups around town, he got his professional start 
with Larry Groce("Junk Food Junkie") and went on to work with
Raspberries, Looking Glass and James Griffin, the guitarist/vocalist for

One of his bands recorded for A&M, and opened for Bread, Steppenwolf, 
Billy Preston and Three Dog Night as well as several other major acts.

Steve also worked in the Midwest for BHE and GMA in artist management 
and booking before moving to Colorado.

Revenant is the latest and greatest of many bands.


Barb Ussery- Vocals/Bass

Barb knows a LOT of songs, and plays bass and sings both lead and harmony. She's also been known to play guitar. Barb is one of those refreshing straight shooters, who says what she means and means what she says. We are thrilled that she's joined Revenant!




A GIT graduate who has been playing for over 3 decades, Floyd likes all genres of music and is very versatile. While he takes the music seriously, he's very easy to get along with and to work with. The style he's most comfortable with is shreddy blues rock along the lines of Slash, Joe Bonamassa, and Frank Marino. Of  course, Floyd's perfect band would be a mix of King Crimson, Led Zeppelin and Frank Zappa.

Tom O'Connor, Guitar and Vocals

When our previous 2nd guitarist left the band with no notice just before a gig, Barb recommended Tom to take his place. She had played with him in other bands in the past and knew that he was a rock solid player. A few days after our first rehearsal together, he played his first gig with Revenant!  Tom can play both rhythm and lead WELL, and he works REALLY well with Floyd.