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Revenant is a band that is informed by the past while not being defined by it.  There's an elusive quality that would have made Revenant feel fresh and relevant in the classic decades of the Sixties and Seventies, as well as the Eighties, Nineties or 20 minutes ago.

Why? Perhaps it's because of the broad musical tastes of the individual members, and the band as a whole. Maybe it's because, unlike Axl Rose and Slash or the Gallagher Brothers, Revenant's members have genuinely liked one another for longer than fifteen minutes. It might be the interaction between them as they play.

Why doesn't matter. What matters is the potent musical brew that Revenant concocts, a heady recipe that makes people who hear the band smile and dance. The band has Revenatized their music and energized their fans, and their mission is to convert you to the Church Of Rock And Roll!

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