We dig Rock And Roll music......

We like a lot of different music.
Elton John, Billy Joel and the
Beatles all are craftsmen. The
Rolling Stones, Free, Faces
and Humble Pie are a few of
the British Blues influenced
bands that we dig.

The Hollies, Marmalade,
CSNY, Bread and Batdorf &
Rodney are acts we really like
for crafting great music. 

Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard
and  Hank Williams strike a
chord with us for Classic

Dave Brubeck, Cab Calloway,
Count Basie, Duke Ellington,
as well as Ella Fitzgerald do it
for us when it comes to Jazz.

Van Morrison, Stevie Wonder,
Al Green - we could riff on soul 
funk and R&B for a week and
still find groups and performers
we love.

Tom Petty, Eagles, Joe Walsh,
Mountain - If it's got good
musical and/or lyrical hooks
we dig it!!

We also like NIN, Joss Stone,
John Legend - There's so much
old and new music that's cool!