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Currently the full length CD 'What I'd Give' by Debbie Vicari is not available.

We'll keep you updated on NEW music by Debbie as soon as it's available.

You can still buy posters of Debbie here!

You can also buy X And One World's CD here! This is a great group of tunes,

and the horns and vocal arrangements were written by the legendary X-Man,

Xavier Flores!

Coming soon - video of the Rhythm, featuring the interplay of Steve on congas

and X on drums!

And scheduled for release in May: Steve's full length CD tentatively titled

Walking Down The Track. Featuring songs written by Steve, Debbie, Xavier

and Violet, this is an eclectic collection of songs that include Pop, Rock, Funk,

Soul, R&B and Country.

Debbie Vicari

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