From The Rhythm Junkies to The Rhythm Nation!

 I started this website many years ago now as a way to promote
my new trio, as well as the activities of other groups I was friends
with such as Nightwolf. The trio ran it's course and I went on to
put together a 10 piece horn band.

The horn band was a lot of fun and a lot of work. It crashed and
burned after a year under the egos of so many extremely talented
people. The same day it disbanded, I put together The Rhythm
Junkies with Curtis and Vincent. Vincent left and was then replaced 
by a great keyboard player, Tracy Stokes. Due to the usual creative
tensions, I ended up leaving the band but they continue to be a force
of nature!

The new band is going to be even better than the Junkies! With even
better vocals and even more variety, we are gonna kick major butt!

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