Dance, Drink, Repeat”

— Steve Pavey, Revenant Drummer

Revenant - The Band

It was five years ago that Dave Able called Steve Pavey and said that he'd arrived in Colorado to start a band. After going through a couple of female singers, they found Dawn Paulson. Then Dave left, taking all his stories about his formative years in Canada, alongside members of The Band and Guess Who.  Dawn stayed for over 3 years before she left for the East Coast. A lot of other people came and went, but it seems like every time someone leaves, their replacement is even more talented!

So who is Revenant in 2018? Steve Pavey is the sole original member left on drums and vocals.  Floyd  and Tom are our dynamic duo on guitars and vocals. Barb has taken over as our bassist and vocalist, adding the bottom and keeping us in line.  Everyone contributes to song ideas and arrangements.

It took 5 years but it was worth it.  Revenant is now a world class band, Steve's dream team!


Revenant brings passion, experience and stagecraft together to create performances that leave their audiences always wanting more. With great song selection, dynamic playing and GOOD vocals, the excitement and energy the band brings is a force of nature!

Press Photos

Tom on guitars and vocals

Tom on guitars and vocals

Steve on drums and vocals

Steve on drums and vocals

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