Steve Pavey has opened Pleasure Grove Productions to help musicians achieve their goals and realize their dreams. 

What makes PGP different? First of all, after being involved in the music business
since 1970, Steve has experience on both sides of the table - the creative and the
business sides. As a musician, he opened shows for several international acts, such 
as Bread, Steppenwolf and Three Dog Night to name a few and recorded for A&M Records, the largest independent label in the world. He worked with James Griffin and Rupert Holmes, Larry Groce, Climax and Looking Glass among others. His advice was an integral part of enabling the Crystal Fire Band to sign with ABC Dunhill for recording and publishing. ABC Dunhill was later absorbed into MCA.

In Minneapolis, he worked with BHE and GMA, learning the art of booking as well as promotion and management. The music business has changed considerably since then. The Age of the internet and social media offers both new opportunities to exploit, as well as new pitfalls to avoid.

Musicians generally need an unbiased professional working for them who will tell them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. If you feel frustrated with where you're going, email Steve at or call him at
720-771-8729 for more info.