About Us

The musicians bring their creativity, talent
and professionalism to each show they
play, leaving people saying WOW!

Angela Long fronts the band with a versatile, powerhouse voice. Her lead and harmony vocals propel the band and set the tone for hot tunes and dancing all night!

Drummer/vocalist/writer and the webmaster of the website,Steve Pavey
has been playing over for 50 years and in
his younger days as a full time musician,
he worked with such talented people as Rupert Holmes and James Griffin, and he
also opened for well known acts such as 3
Dog Night, Bread, Billy Preston, Uriah Heep
and Steppenwolf. 

His high tenor and his smooth falsetto stand out on both the lead and harmony vocals for the band. Add his drumming to the mix and you see dancers with happy feet!

Floyd Van Deusen and Tom O'Connor are our guitarists, as well as providing vocals. Floyd is a monster guitar player, and Tom's playing dovetails so well with Floyd's that I'm left in awe!

Barb Ussery is our bassist and vocalist. She likes a lot of different styles of music, especially higher energy stuff. Barb is a good player and singer and simply a well balanced musician. She has a way of figuring out arrangements for Revenant that are so good!

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